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Remote Online Notary (RON)

Remote Online Notary (RON) Services!

Remote online notarization allows you to notarize documents from anywhere with a Florida-based Notary, using secure technology that ensures the document's authenticity just like a traditional, in-person signing. This process uses digital tools such as electronic signatures, identity checks, video conferencing, and digital record-keeping.

Unlike the traditional method where everyone involved must physically meet with a notary to witness the signing, remote notarization offers the convenience of a virtual meeting room. Here, the identities of the signers are confirmed, and the documents can be signed and officially notarized without the need to be in the same place.

What are the benefits of using a Remote Online Notary (RON)?

Traditional methods of finalizing agreements with paper, signatures, and notarization have their drawbacks due to their reliance on physical presence. Switching to a digital format, especially with Remote Online Notarization (RON), brings unexpected advantages.

Enhanced Convenience and Customer Service:
Documents needing notarization often have tight deadlines. RON speeds up the process by removing the need for signers and notaries to be in the same place, leading to a faster and smoother experience. It also allows notaries to have more flexible business hours to meet your needs.

Environmental Benefits:
Traditional paper processes require printing and distributing multiple copies of documents to all parties, including lengthy contracts, which use a lot of paper. Digital notarization cuts out this waste, helping the environment and reducing costs.

Improved Security and Legitimacy:
RON is designed to be secure, which is crucial for remote transactions. It provides confidence that all digital documents and identification are authentic, even without the notary being physically present. This is achieved through advanced identity verification technology, which checks government-issued IDs to ensure they are genuine and match the signer’s identity.

Additionally, before the digital signing ceremony, signers must pass authentication checks, often through a security process that asks personal questions only the signer would know. These responses are cross-checked with a secure database to confirm the signer’s identity.

How does Remote Online Notarization work?

After confirming your identity and completing the authentication steps, arrange a suitable time to sign with the notary. At the agreed time, sign in and activate your microphone and camera.

The notary will guide you through the signing procedure. You’ll electronically sign your documents where the notary directs. Once signed, you can promptly download your documents.

What is equipment is required to use a Remote Online Notary (RON)?

  1. Audio-visual communication technology must be used so the notary can see and hear all participants. This is also important in verifying the ID credentials of signers.
  2. Further, it must be a live stream of the event as it takes place with direct interaction between the notary and signers. Recordings of the signing ceremony are insufficient.
  3. The signer must submit a copy of the signed document directly to the notary on the date it is signed.
  4. Beyond visual confirmation, RON must also utilize credential analysis technology, such as ID verification and Knowledge-based Authentication (KBA), to ensure the authenticity of a driver’s license or other government-issued ID, as per state regulations.
  5. Recoding and electronic journaling of the event through a digital audit trail will occur with common data privacy standards applied.

What if my documents require a witness? 

Although there are added protections when a document requires a witness, a document requiring a witness’ signature is now possible online where a witness can be in the physical presence of the signor or remote from the signor so long as the witness conforms with the statutory requirements for using the audio-video communication technology.

How much does it cost to use a Remote Online Notary (RON) with TheConcierge.Net via Notary Hub?

The cost of a remote online notarization is dependent on the number of documents signed and notarized during each signing session. Our standard pricing is $21 for the first notary seal. Additional notarial seals are $15 each.

What’s included:

  1. Live meeting with a Florida-based licensed Remote Online Notary (RON) via audio-visual call

  2. ID verification & KBA (Knowledge Based Assessment)

  3. Document upload & signing

  4. Downloadable notarized document files

  5. Streamlined, secure online payment process

Due to Florida RON technology requirements, TheConcierge.Net partners with Notary Hub to make notarization with a Remote Online Notary (RON) as easy as an online meeting from ANYWHERE in the U.S. with a Florida-based Notary! No travel fees and more flexibility!