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What to Bring?


What to Bring?

What You Will Need for General Notarizations


What You Will Need for General Notarizations?

Every signer must show valid (not expired) government photo identification. All identification must contain a photo, a physical description, a signature and a serial number. Florida recognizes the following types of identification if issued within the last 5 years:

NOTE: If your document requires witnesses, you must bring them with you and they must meet the ID Requirements to sign. Failure to bring witnesses will cause the session to be cancelled. You will be responsible for TRAVEL FEES, if cancelled due to not having required witnesses. (If no travel fee is charged, a minimum of $10 will be charged for cancellation.

A driver license or an identification card issued by a public agency authorized to issue driver licenses in a state other than Florida or in a territory of the United States, or Canada or Mexico

A Florida identification card or driver license issued by the public agency authorized to issue driver licenses

A passport issued by the US Department of State

An identification card issued by any branch of the armed forces of the United States

An identification card issued by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service

Foreign Passport (If stamped by the US Immigration and Naturalization Service)

DISCLAIMER: Every signer must demonstrate a willingness to sign the documents without coercion. He/she must also be aware of what they are signing and understand the significance of the transaction. Documents cannot be notarized if there is any cognitive impairment.